Lunch recipes for kids

It’s not always easy to vary our children’s menus, we can’t get enough of pasta and sometimes getting our children to eat vegetables is a real headache. For all these reasons, Moms has concocted a section full of simple meal ideas for children: quiches, colorful vegetables, salads, sandwiches, and still a little pasta. Simple recipes that you can cook with the kids. The beginning of a great culinary adventure.

Your kids won’t get out of bed now that school’s back on? Here are some quick and delicious breakfast ideas that will motivate your kids to get up. You’ll also satisfy their more difficult appetites.

French toast skewers

Get your kids involved with this hassle-free French toast. Kids can dip the bread in the egg mixture and thread the pieces onto the skewers. They’ll enjoy their meal more knowing that they’ve helped you prepare it.

Emoji eggs

Tired of your kids playing with their food? Why not let them! Kids will get creative by using vegetables and grated cheese to make faces on their eggs.

Lunch mini pizzas

What kid doesn’t like pizza? Our version consists of English muffins topped with pizza sauce, scrambled eggs, and cheese. Plus, these mini pizzas are ready in just a few minutes.

Eggs in the hole

Eggs in a toast? Why not! It’s another classic way to reinvent a boring lunch that will be ready in just 5 minutes.

Ham and Cheddar Mini frittatas

Kids love to eat with their hands, and these cheesy mini frittatas are perfect for little hands. They make a great lunch on the go for those mornings when you’re in a hurry!

Peppers with Radiococcus Vegetables

Make vegetables fun with this clever use of a slice of pepper. All you need is a variety of different colored peppers and a few eggs!

Light Pancakes

What better way to start the day than with a stack of warm, light pancakes? Serve them with fresh fruit and your favorite maple syrup.

Early morning casserole

The whole family will love them. Prepare the pan early the night before. That way you can focus on getting the family together for a good lunch !