healthy lunch recipes

20 easy and healthy lunch recipe ideas

Running out of inspiration to cook simple and healthy recipes? Check out our selection of 20 gourmet recipes.

Adopting a healthy and balanced diet is essential to feel good about your body.

We give pride of place to seasonal products

For this, it is preferable to eat seasonal products (organic for some), fresh and little processed. We forget about industrial dishes and devote a few hours a week to the preparation of small, healthy, generous, and gourmet dishes. You will see, there is nothing more satisfying than to savor your creations. To fill your fridge, go shopping at the market, in organic shops, or opt for the organic baskets to be delivered every week. They have the advantage of containing recipe cards.

A healthy and varied diet

However, keep in mind that a healthy diet is not necessarily a diet that is light, sugar-free, and gluten-free. It is a way of eating that involves eating things that are good for your body (including good fats and sugars). It’s a great way to move towards a balanced diet that will do you good: here we go?

The ideal healthy cupboard

Beyond fresh vegetables, you will need a minimum of ingredients to easily cook healthy recipes. Here they are:

  • Coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil: these oils are very good for your health and will serve you to cook and season your dishes.
  • Spices and herbs: fresh or dehydrated, they are a great help to give taste to your preparations.
  • Soy sauce or gomasio: better for your health than salt!
  • Nuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds: in your soups, salads, pasta, and cakes, these little seeds full of good things will be the personal touch to your recipes.
  • In terms of equipment: think about investing in a powerful blender to make your smoothies, gazpacho, and hummus, on a board, a good knife, and pretty bowls to present your achievements.

Healthy recipe ideas

Where to start? Balanced, light recipes like spring rolls and tacos are easy to take to the office or for a picnic.

Sweet potatoes are also an excellent ingredient in a multitude of preparations: falafels, hummus, fries, mashed potatoes, cake, curry?

Don’t forget that it is also possible to make meal bowls that are as beautiful as they are good: poke bowls, Buddha bowls, quinoa bowls…fresh vegetables accompanied by legumes, with or without fish: all presented in colorful and refined dishes!

Finally, eating healthy also means favoring raw food in order to preserve all the nutrients. We think of ceviche, vegetable carpaccio, raw gazpacho…

So, are you ready to adopt a  healthy way of life?

Sweet potato purée :
Sweet potato purée is ideal to accompany roasted vegetables, meat, or fish. It can be steamed or boiled.

Fish ceviche :
Raw and light, the fish cooks well as ceviche with a good lemon vinaigrette.

Small vegetarian muffins
To accompany your soups or raw vegetables, you can make small zucchini or vegetable herb muffins.

Known as one of the precious Lebanese mezze, baked falafels are delicious and very healthy.

Beet hummus
For an aperitif or to accompany a salad, make a beet hummus by mixing cooked beetroot with fromage frais and herbs.

Sweet potato chips
To make aperitif chips, put the sweet potato cut into thin slices in the oven. Crunchy and very healthy!

Chickpea hummus
For an aperitif spread or for dipping vegetables, hummus is perfect! Mix chickpeas with lemon, garlic, and sesame oil. A treat

Sweet potato brownie
For a gourmet and healthy chocolate cake, replace the butter with cooked and mashed sweet potato. You won’t even know the difference!

A hot or cold green vegetable soup
The soups are healthy, tasty, and hearty. Opt for green vegetables that can be eaten hot or cold. Avocado, peas, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus… It’s all there!

Shrimps in coconut milk
Coconut milk shrimps served with rice: a healthy and exotic dish!

The vegetable curry
Chicken or vegetables, chickpeas, coconut milk, and spices: a delicious curry to share with your friends and family.

A toast to the lawyer
To eat healthily, it’s impossible to miss the famous avocado toast.

A vegetable soup
For a creamy vegetable soup, add coconut milk instead of cream. A delight!

Dahl of coral lentils
Protein and spicy, lentil dahl is very easy to make.

A delicious lemon hummus
To twist your regular hummus, you can add candied lemon wedges, sun-dried tomatoes or even mango.

Sweet potato toast
No more bread, no more toasted sweet potato bread. Spread anything you want on it.

A salmon poke bowl
Ideal for a light meal, the poke bowl is very greedy. Based on raw fish and vegetables, often on a base of rice or salad, you can’t get enough of it.

A paella
Paella is one of those healthy dishes you never suspect. Use whole grain rice. 

Wholemeal risotto with mushrooms
To make your creamy mushroom risotto healthier, choose whole grain rice. It’s full of fiber.

Sweet potato tagliatelle
No more pasta! Sweet potato tagliatelle is delicious and cooks exactly like a regular pasta dish.