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What is a complete lunch?

A complete lunch is a lunch that contains at least one food from three of the four groups in Canada’s First Nations Food Guide.

  1. Fruits and vegetables: fresh, frozen, canned or stewed fruit, fruit salad, 100% fruit juice…
  2. Grain products: cereals, bagel, bannock, bread, muffin…
  3. Milk and Alternatives: milk, yogurt, cheese, fortified soy beverage
  4. Meats and Alternatives: peanut butter, nuts, eggs, and wild meat…

People, both children and adults, who skip lunch:

  • Will tend to gain weight;
  • Lack attention and interest in class and especially in learning activities;
  • Will lack energy and be tired all morning;
  • Will be moody and irritable.

Lunch is the ideal opportunity to share quality time with the family.

Eating lunch on a regular basis promotes regularity in the day’s meal schedule.
If you don’t have enough time, make sure you have foods such as a muffin, cereals, a
soft bar, a piece of cheese, or yogurt drink.
Make breakfast a family activity! When the time is right, involve the kids in the preparation of breakfast.
lunch, you will awaken their interest in food preparation and healthy nutrition.

Lunch recipes for kids

It's not always easy to vary our children's menus, we can't get enough of pasta and sometimes getting our children to eat vegetables is...

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