Breakfast recipes healthy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is indispensable during exam time or to start the day toned up! On sunny days, however, when temperatures rise, croissants, brioches and other pastries are often considered too heavy. Easy to prepare and above all quick, discover our original recipes for an ideal and above all light summer breakfast.

Salads or smoothies: focus on fruit

Looking for freshness or a balanced, sugar-free breakfast? Fresh and seasonal fruit will give you the necessary dose of vitamins to have a great day. You can prepare fruit salads by mixing mango, red fruit or peaches with a few herbs or lemon juice. Quick to prepare, just cut it into small cubes! For a little more consistency, some people will add a little yogurt or granola to their bowl, but if you’re a fan of juices and cold drinks, why not try a smoothie. Red berries, bananas and even avocado, the only rule is to let your imagination run wild. Be careful though: the simplest mixes are the most digestible. To twist a melon or strawberries, it’s best to use herbs like mint or basil.

Recipe for home-made yoghurt

For 6 to 8 jars: pour one yoghurt, one litre of milk (whole cow’s milk or vegetable milk) into a bowl. Divide the mixture among the yoghurt pots and place them in the yoghurt maker. Depending on the appliance, allow 8 to 12 hours of preparation time. Once this step is completed, put your jars in the fridge at least 4 hours before eating them. For gourmet mixes, you can add fruit or honey to your yoghurts. Finally, as with batch cooking, it is advisable to make them in advance, at the weekend for example, so that you can enjoy them for the rest of the week.

A savoury breakfast as in English style

On the tables of our British neighbours, the famous “eggs and toast” is king! Easy to cook, the English love eggs that are eaten with a slice of buttered bread. While some add bacon, for a lighter plate, prefer tomatoes. A nice way to add a little colour to this quick snack. Omelette, fried egg or scrambled eggs: cooking is even faster when made in the microwave! This British version of toast is available in different ways in different parts of the world. In the United States, it’s the trendy cloud egg, but in northern countries, such as Sweden, smørrebrød is a light and satisfying treat. On a slice of rye bread, you can create compositions based on fromage frais, Emmental cheese and vegetables or even go for guacamole.

Detox water and iced tea

For a change from traditional orange juice or clementine, detox waters are ideal. In addition to their moisturizing powers, they will delight the taste buds of recalcitrant people who are angry with water. To do this, the day before, we slip in a few slices of lemon or cucumber to allow time to infuse with fruit and vegetables and flavour the drink. On the same principle, it is very easy to replace coffee with iced tea. The day before, simply slip one or two tea bags into a bottle of water before putting it back in the fridge. Our favourite recipes? Jasmine tea with a spoonful of honey or the inevitable black tea to be left to brew with a few fresh peach wedges!