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Tips on how to make your children eat

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You don’t know what to cook for your child who refuses to taste his vegetables? Discover 10 tips to help your child eat everything in a good mood!

1-Put some color on his plate

Choose fresh products and vary the colors! An appetizing plate will make your child want to eat more! You can mix broccoli and spinach with other vegetables for a rainbow of colors.

2-Present a funny plate

The funnier and more colorful the plate, the more he’ll want to eat it all. Have fun and amuse him by making his plate a work of art!

3-Go shopping with them

You can already imagine them running around asking you to buy them this and that, but involving your children when you do your shopping can only be beneficial! It’s a way for them to understand where the food they eat comes from and to have less aversion to it.

4-Cooking frozen food( 4/10 )

We don’t necessarily have time, we come home from work tired… And we jump on the frozen vegetables. It’s not the best idea to get your child to eat everything. It’s important that you cook and give texture to these foods so they’re more likely to appeal to your child.

Involving children ( 5/10 )

Offer them to get involved, it will be a pleasure for them to be able to help like adults and have fun at the same time! And they will be happy to eat what they have prepared.

Add foods they like ( 6/10 )

He doesn’t like zucchini? It’s bad timing, you’ve prepared a gratin for dinner! The trick? Add foods he likes to those he likes less. For example gruyère cheese on the zucchini gratin. Does he like French fries? Make some with vegetables, success guaranteed!

Show the example( 7/10 )

Fruits, vegetables, etc. Eat everything in front of him to set an example. If Mom and Dad eat this food, it can’t be that bad, right?

Vary the textures( 8/10 )

If he doesn’t like a food in one form, cook it in another form (fried, grilled or stuffed) according to his taste. Just because he doesn’t like zucchini doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy them stuffed with ground meat.

Making purees and smoothies( 9/10 )

Mashed potatoes aren’t just for babies. The older ones are entitled to it too. If he finds it difficult to eat certain vegetables, this is his chance to purée them. And for fruit, how about smoothies?

Making food magical ( 10/10 )

Does your kid have a favorite superhero? Now’s your chance to play on that and make him eat it. Try an “if you want to be as strong as WonderWoman you have to eat your carrots”. You’ll tell us all about it!

Getting our kids to eat is often a battle course. They don’t like spinach, cauliflower, endive, zucchini, etc. and would like to eat only fries and pizza! In short, you don’t know what to do to make them eat everything.

Your S.O.S. has arrived at the editorial office and we have 10 tips to help your children eat healthily!