This autumn we try not to overdo it before the big holiday dinners and raclette evenings with friends. At the supermarket, we often go for products that are reduced in sugar, fat and healthy. The manufacturers of some commercial products use sales arguments such as “sugar-free”, “light”, “reduced in fat” that mislead the consumer. They tell you all about deceptively healthy foods.

Diet foods

When you’re on a diet, you try to be careful with calories, but at the same time enjoy yourself. Rather than drink a “classic” cranberry juice, we prefer to go for the “light” version. This is not necessarily a good idea! Sugar is replaced by artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. A substance that gives the illusion of a sweet taste but would be considered carcinogenic. For dessert, fruit yoghurts are often used instead of chocolate dessert creams, but often there is no trace of fruit in their composition! They are a blend of different food colours and artificial flavours. For a healthier end of meal, it is best to eat a plain yoghurt and add fresh fruit to it.

Cereals and dried fruit: too rich in sugar!

The organic and vegan diets make the apology for cereals and dried fruit at breakfast time. However, they have a sugar content just as high as a biscuit! Dried fruits are very sweet but they are also rich in preservatives and sometimes even palm oil. For a healthy snack, it is better to eat fresh fruit such as an apple for example. No more cereal bars! They too are rich in sugar and fat. It is possible to make your own and you will be sure of the ingredients used.