how to make popcakes

With its lollipop shape, the popcake is the perfect cake for an elegant presentation! Here is our video recipe to make them at home.

Make popcakes:

Popcakes or pop cakes are small, ball-shaped cakes that look like lollipops.
Apart from its shape which will amuse the children, popcakes allow to reuse the remains of a cake, such as a cupcakes, a madeleine or other.

By mixing the leftovers with fresh cheese, you get a paste that you can mold into small balls before planting a pick and coating them with chocolate.

You are free to add sugar decorations to make this little cake even more fun for children!


200 g leftover cake
25 g fresh cheese
200 g dark chocolate
sugar decorations

Production :

Melt the 200 g dark chocolate in a double boiler.
Using a blender, crumble the leftover cake.

Mix the crumbs with cream cheese.

With the resulting dough, form small cake balls by hand.

Place the balls in the freezer for about 15 min.

Take the balls out of the freezer and plant a peak in each of them.

Then dip them in the melted chocolate. Be careful to coat the entire ball.

Sprinkle the decoration popcakes with sugar.

Reserve the popcakes in the freezer again for 15 min.
Your popcakes are ready to be served, for a snack or for dessert.